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Our Services

Our Systematic Approach

Gregory Financial Group was founded to help clients prepare for all the best in life while accounting for varying circumstances and inevitable change. We accomplish this through our systematic process that includes:

Financial Planning

At our first meeting, we will help you to understand your current situation as well as assist you to clarify and prioritize your financial goals, dreams and objectives. From this foundation, we are able to create a comprehensive financial picture. This allows us to develop appropriate recommendations and explain options best suited to your journey now and in the future. We then periodically monitor your progress and make appropriate adjustments when necessary.

Risk Management

Any financial plan needs to contain a risk management strategy. This strategy protects not only the plan, but you and your family as well. We will help you identify those risks and offer cost effective option to minimize them. This approach may include life, disability, health and long-term care insurance, as well as various income options. Of course, we will make sure that you fully understand the options before taking any action.

Retirement Planning

At GFG, we assist with through all phases of retirement planning. Prior to retirement, we will provide a knowledgeable of the big picture and help you to realign assets with your intentions. After retirement, the proper distribution of assets becomes critical. We will provide recommendations that take into account asset allocation and protection, income planning, and estate strategies. It is our firm belief that you don’t just plan for retirement, you plan for the rest of your life!